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Electric Pump



Electric Pump 8000 liters


Continuous current 12 volts, ½ HP. It is manufactured with a shaft mounted on 6202 RS shielded ball bearings with permanent lubrication to extend engine life.

Consumption: 30 ampere per hour.

Frame: SAE 1010 steel, 11mm thick.

Collector: 36 commutator bars of 52 mm diameter by 34 mm wide; inside made of steel

Coiling:enameled copper wire, thermal class 180º. Overall pump weight 12.5 kg.

Carbons: copper-plated; measure: 9 x 20 x 26 mm.


Half-open type, it allows to pump liquids with small solid particles in suspension.


Manufactured in resistant top quality SAE 1045 steel. It has a plan to facilitate disassembling and assembling the impeller with a conventional fixed wrench.


Manufactured in cast aluminium by SHELL MOLDING system, which provides a perfect inner surface finish. As water does not find any rugosity in the material, it slides rapidly, which allows to obtain excellent hydraulic performance and more durability.

Impeller inlet

The impeller inlet is faced upwards, and the aspiration inlet, at the height of the shaft, are threaded to 3/4. The chamber is fixed to the engine bridle with four screws. Their arrangement allows to set the inlet in four different positions, which provides in the case of eventual repair, the advantage of dismounting the engine, leaving the chamber connected to the pipes and the impeller.


With level aspiration and rising one meter.

See table below.




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